About 'Regulator space'

In this series of paintings I look for purity and synthesis, so much of the space, as of the color and shapes. Pure and clean colors, looking for a balance, which can be through by complementing itself or, also on the contrary, through the tension between the colors that are interpellated, in an open and floating space where the pictorial fact it develops in freedom.

I am interested in the idea of converting the line of the drawing in a whole of color, the fusion of the line and the color in the same element. The stroke of the brushwork is clean, direct and fast, looking for a unique rhythm in each gesture while communicates creating synergies with the other strokes and colors of the tableau. Each brush-stroke is independent, has its own life, while complementing with the others, seeking balance and union in the whole.

Appear in this open space smalls marks of color matter, looking for an interrelation between the flow of long strokes of a low matter, very watery, and those points of dense matter of color. Uniting that purer and cleaner space with that more organic and dense matter by creating two parallel spaces, which overlap and at the same time complement each other in a communication that, through a certain rhythm between them and also generally in the canvas, allow them to find the balance that unites them.

At the end, each gesture, each shape, each stroke, each color, is part in itself and at the same time form a whole, like the notes in a symphony.

These paintings, and in general many of my works, do not have a certain center, a central focus on which everything turns, each area of the painting is important in itself, and I like to say because of this that they are democratic paintings, because a corner is as important as the center of the canvas. I hope it is of your interest.

Pablo Rey, 31 Julay 2018.

Pablo Rey, regulatory space, painting detail

More info: pablorey-art.com/artpainting-espacio-regulador  |  pablorey-art.com/regulator-space-text

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